Over 8 thousand tests for viral infections were carried out in Kyzylorda
Свыше 8 тысяч исследований на вирусные инфекции провели в Кызылорде 15.11.2023

Director of the branch of the National Center of Expertise for the Kyzylorda region, Farida Kalieva, took part in a press conference dedicated to the epidemic season of influenza and acute respiratory viral infections.

The press conference was held at the press center of the Kyzylorda akimat, where the head of the city department of sanitary and epidemiological control Erlan Uzakbaev, the director of the regional center for the formation of a healthy lifestyle Maria Zharekeshova and the chief physician of the regional infectious diseases hospital Aina Mukhambetova also took part.

The speakers spoke about the epidemiological situation and measures to prevent influenza and acute respiratory viral infections in Kyzylorda.

The director of the branch said in her speech that over the 10 months of this year, specialists from the virology laboratory conducted 8,786 tests on the 2,454 samples received. During the inspection, positive results were revealed in 140 samples, of which 2.7% were detected with type A influenza, 0.7% with type B and 2% with ARVI.

“For the purpose of external quality assessment, all samples with a positive result for influenza and ARVI were sent for testing to the reference laboratory for the control of viral infections “Scientific and Practical Center for Sanitary and Epidemiological Expertise and Monitoring”, where the reliability of the results was confirmed to be 100% accurate,” - noted Farida Kalieva.

The Virology Laboratory of the NCE branch is fully equipped with test systems and laboratory consumables for conducting influenza and ARVI studies.

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