Almaty experts tell us how to get rid of bedbugs
Как избавиться от клопов, рассказали специалисты Алматы 08.11.2023

New furniture and second-hand clothes can cause bedbugs, reports.

A briefing was held at the RSK site with the participation of epidemiological experts from the Department of Sanitary and Epidemiological Control and the Disinfection Center for the city of Almaty, who urged citizens not to resort to getting rid of insects and bedbugs on their own, but to contact specialist disinfectors. It is also necessary to notify your neighbors about pest control.

In total, there are over 40 thousand bedbugs in nature, 1500 in Kazakhstan. According to experts, the only source of food for bedbugs is human blood. In one go, the insects suck out blood in a mass that is twice the weight of the bug.

“Citizens more often complain about bed or house bugs. They are active at Their life span is up to four months, and only in the presence of a person. Bedbugs develop within forty days and lay up to three hundred eggs at a time. A favorable environment for them is old wooden furniture. They usually live in floor crevices, behind baseboards, and also in furniture. A less favorable environment is new concrete-monolithic houses, but the presence of a person is enough for house bugs to adapt to the new environment,” said Vakhit Seidualiev, deputy director of the Disinfection Center for the city of Almaty.

The expert also shared recommendations for preparing the premises for pest control work.

“When treating for bedbugs, the first thing to consider is eliminating clutter. First of all, the furniture is moved aside for convenience and unhindered processing - all surfaces and crevices must be accessible for processing. Food, dishes and clothing must be removed. It is also advisable to remove old, unnecessary furniture. Bedding items must be shaken out and hung in the air for ventilation. There should be no unnecessary people or animals in the room during processing,” Seidualiev said.

Disinsection treatment of the premises is carried out within 2-3 hours. Treatment is carried out using a thorough method of irrigation and wiping. After finishing the treatment, the room should be closed for a day, in the absence of people. A day after treatment, the bugs die. For preventive purposes, after a month it is advisable to repeat the disinsection treatment of this room.

Despite the availability of treatment preparations in the public domain, self-treatment against bedbugs is not recommended. If this problem occurs, you should contact special services, as recommended by specialists from the Disinfection Center.

When choosing a company for treatment and pest control work, the first thing you need to pay attention to is the time of presence on the market. The second is the presence of experienced specialists with certificates of completion of training. And thirdly, this is the equipment and preparations that specialists use in their work.

Photo source: RSK Almaty

“Disinfection, disinsection, and deratization services are in a competitive environment. The regional departments of sanitary and epidemiological control of the city of Almaty control 36 storage facilities and 24 facilities for the production, production, sale of disinfection, disinfestation, and deratization products and preparations,” noted Gauhar Katkenova, deputy head of the Department of Sanitary and Epidemiological Control of the city of Almaty.

Answering questions from journalists, Gauhar Katkenova said that there were no cases of people being poisoned as a result of treatment for bedbugs, but such facts were recorded in 2019 and 2021. Then the apartments were treated with unauthorized drugs of the first hazard class, which are pesticides. They are used in agriculture to eliminate weeds. People purchased these drugs in the markets, without labeling or instructions. During processing, citizens did not warn their neighbors, which resulted in poisoning.

In turn, the deputy director of the Disinfection Center for the city of Almaty, Vakhit Seidualiev, added that when their specialists receive applications for the destruction of bedbugs, they first inspect the apartment, after which a treatment action plan is developed. At the request of clients, we offer chamber processing of clothing and bed linen. Every week, the Disinfection Center receives 1-2 applications from citizens, who explain that they purchased new furniture or second-hand clothes. Previously, there were much fewer such applications. Just a year or two ago, only one or sometimes two applications were received per month, but now it’s weekly.

“Just yesterday, a resident of a four-story building contacted us, reporting the appearance of bedbugs. Our specialists accepted the application and began processing,” said Vahit Seidualiev

Epidemiologist Bekbulat Utegenov continued his speech. He noted that bedbugs can be brought into an apartment with household items and clothing. Their bites are usually invisible, only after a few days a person sees redness on the skin.

“If insects appear in a multi-storey building, it is advisable to carry out total treatment. I'm not just talking about bedbugs. This is the prerogative of OSI and KSK,” says Bekbulat Utegenov.